Initiating conversations about sexual health with your partner/s not only strengthens your bond but also empowers you to make informed decisions that prioritise your well-being. It's time to choose #ForeverWena by embracing meaningful discussions about your sexual health. 

Embracing mutual pleasure 

Sexual health conversations provide an opportunity to openly explore your preferences. Encourage your partner/s to share their fantasies, boundaries, and any concerns they may have. Respect each other's autonomy and consent, ensuring that all sexual activities are consensual and enjoyable for everyone involved.  

Accessing resources together 

Remember, there's no shame in seeking help when it comes to prioritising your sexual well-being. By facing challenges together, you empower each other to make informed choices. Speak to your healthcare professional if you have any questions about your sexual health journey. 

Communicate, communicate, communicate 

Speaking to your partner/s about your mutual sexual health is a powerful act of self-care and empowerment. By initiating open and honest conversations, you prioritise your well-being and strengthen your relationship. 

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