By owning your sexual health choices and choosing #ForverWena, you are able to put yourself at the centre of every sexual health decision you make.

Understanding agency 

Agency is a key component of sexual empowerment. It involves recognising your autonomy and making informed decisions about your body and sexual experiences. By embracing your agency, you assert your right to set boundaries, express desires, and navigate sexual encounters on your terms. Asserting your agency can appear in many forms such as abstaining if you’re not in the mood or being open with your partner about your sexual health priorities.  

Empowering yourself 

Empowerment in sexual health begins with self-awareness and self-respect. Educate yourself about sexual health, communicate openly with your partner/s, and put your well-being at the centre. Empowerment is an ongoing journey of self-care, so always make sure you are being open and honest with yourself about how you are feeling. 

The power of knowledge 

Educate yourself about contraception, STI prevention, and consent. Seek out reliable resources and stay informed to make confident and informed decisions about your sexual health so that you are able to choose #ForeverWena. 

Part 2 | Confidence & Consent