It is important to understand where your boundaries lie in fostering a positive sexual health journey for both you and your partner/s.

Communication and boundaries 

Effective communication is key to establishing and respecting boundaries with your partner/s. Be clear and assertive about your limits, and listen actively to your partner's needs and boundaries. Having an open and honest conversation can foster mutual respect and enhance the overall experience. 

Navigating consent 

Consent is the foundation of any healthy and respectful sexual relationship. It requires enthusiastic, voluntary, and ongoing agreement from all parties involved. There is no shame in asking your partner for consent or not giving your partner consent. In order to prioritise your well-being, you need to prioritise consent in all sexual encounters, and respect your partner's right to say no at any time. 

Creating space for respect 

By having open conversations and prioritising consent, you are able to challenge harmful behaviours that may lead to coercion or disregard for consent. By creating a safe and respectful space within your relationship or situationship, you are able to make choices that empower your sexual health. 

Owning your agency and prioritising consent are essential steps toward fostering a positive and empowering sexual health journey. By embracing your autonomy, communicating openly, and respecting boundaries, you can navigate sexual encounters with confidence and respect. Remember, your sexual health is in your hands and you are free to make informed decisions about your choices.  

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