Why should I talk to a healthcare professional about my sexual health in the first place? 

Your healthcare professional – whether it’s a GP, a nurse, or pharmacist – can provide you with the answers and guidance you are looking for to make the right choices. These conversations go beyond just talking about your sex life; healthcare professionals can inform you of any risks related to having sex, protecting yourself against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), as well as help you find solutions to any self-image, mental health, or substance use concerns you may have as they relate to your sexuality. 

How do I even begin to have that conversation with my healthcare professional? 

Whether you need answers, are looking for advice, or want to make the healthiest choices for you, there’s nothing to be ashamed of – here’s how you can own that conversation with your healthcare professional. 

Be prepared – make the most out of your appointment 

It can be easy to forget every detail you want to speak to your healthcare professional about. In the moment, the anxiety and stress can make it difficult to keep your thoughts ordered – no one likes being put on the spot! Make a written list of all the questions, concerns, or symptoms you want to discuss. This will ensure that you bring up everything you want to talk about and maximise the time you spend with your healthcare professional during your appointment.  

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